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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions. CoxGomyl’s highest priority is the safety of its team, customers, operators and the general public. The engineering team are constantly striving to innovate and enhance the range of solutions, with special consideration for the latest in safety technologies and standards.

CoxGomyl’s products are designed considering the access and safety requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment. Such commitment ensures that every facade access system features an extensive list of safety features.

Examples of CoxGomyl’s product safety features include:

Cradle features

  • Overload detection system to ensure the load in the cradle remains within the allowed levels.
  • Tilting bar system to guarantee that all the wire ropes are working with the same tension.
  • Obstacle detection systems to identify any obstacles that might block the ascending and descending action of the cradle.
  • Collision avoidance system with proximity sensor to detect distances to the ground, stopping the movement of the cradle before reaching restricted areas.
  • Restraint system with quick release pins and interlock, available with additional suction cups for further protection.
  • Cradle levelling system to guarantee the platform remains levelled even on high buildings and/or heavy platform solutions.

Roof car features

  • Basic safety features include redundancy on telescopic jibs, guiding rollers and soft start for smooth extension and retracting.
  • Safety limit switches to limit the extension and retraction of the telescopic jibs and ultimate mechanical end stops.
  • Hoists are equipped with a mechanical secondary brake with a soft braking effect.
  • Slack rope detection and layering sensor to ensure proper spooling.
  • The traversing roof car subframe features electrical and ultimate mechanical end travelling limits to ensure the roof car stays on the running path, alongside an anti-collision system which can stop traversing in the event of unexpected obstacles.
  • All hoist and electrical components are protected against extreme weather conditions, with heating systems, humidity sensors and dehumidifiers available to guarantee optimal operating conditions.
  • Positioning and ultimate limit controls for all functions: traversing, telescopic, slewing, luffing, hoisting.

Operator features

With respect to operator safety, features include access platforms with handrails, telescopic ladders with height safety devices and safety harness anchor points located in key points to allow operators and maintenance technicians to be secured safely.

  • Control panels located in each cradle come complete with a dead-man switch and visual and warning signals in the event of hazards.
  • HMI screens on both the cradle and roof car can monitor the status of the BMU, with the option to program complex movements if required, while a control system including automated movement sequences can help simplify other movements.
  • In environments where wind can cause risks, various wind control systems are available including an anemometer with wind display and ability to interlock with the BMU operation.
  • Collision detectors on individual components help to mitigate the risk of collision.
  • In case of power loss, manual controlled descent is guaranteed in any position, including solutions for recessed areas which allow the cradle to be moved out of the recess to proceed with the rescue operation.
  • Communication is available through the inclusion of two telephones located in the cradle and roof car.

Safety is always the team’s first priority at CoxGomyl, with all facade access systems designed according to the highest safety standards for peace of mind.

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