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CoxGomyl have provided reliable access solutions for many types of buildings all over the world, including some of the tallest and most intricate structures, to ensure their exteriors are kept in the best possible condition across their lifetime. Our machines are built to service your building’s needs in the long-term, and via our partners Alimak Service we offer a range of maintenance packages to ensure our BMU products work optimally.

As buildings grow increasingly taller in scale and more complex in design, tenants expect to be able to enjoy unobstructed views. By factoring in building maintenance unit maintenance tasks, you can achieve minimal downtime and ensure continuity of access for cleaning and glass replacement.

We offer three flexible service options to suit specific situations. These include:

  • BMU Maintenance Services
  • Repairs & Remanufacturing
  • Modernisation Programmes

1. BMU Maintenance Services
CoxGomyl designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of building access solutions for hundreds of buildings worldwide.

As such, we offer flexible service packages that target specific needs in relation to scope, schedule and finances. These packages cater to various levels of service comprehensiveness and depend on each individual situation.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Our Comprehensive Maintenance package is designed to sustain the condition of the machinery throughout the course of its life. The comprehensive package covers the machinery for servicing, breakdown, and limited repairs under normal working conditions.

A key benefit of this package is the ability to allow specific budgeting for machinery maintenance, as well as a scheduled management of the equipment.

Standard Maintenance Agreement

A preventative maintenance program allows us to protect machinery from unnecessary wear, damage or malfunction with regular maintenance.

Impromtu Service

Our Impromtu Service package allows adhoc, as needed one-off servicing, repairs or condition inspection reports. Typically, this service is employed for machinery outside of our portfolio, where equipment can be disruptive and require specialised, short-term services.

2. Repairs and Remanufacturing

Over the past 60 years, we’ve kept detailed records of almost all of the machines we’ve designed, built and installed. This means we can use this information to replace or remanufacture worn or damaged machinery components.

It is not unusual for CoxGomyl to step in to find a solution to damaged equipment that was produced by now defunct manufacturers. Our mechanical, electrical and structural design teams can work with you and your existing machinery to develop solutions for damaged equipment.

3. Modernisation Programmes

As leaders in the industry, CoxGomyl can suggest the latest innovations to upgrade current machinery. By evaluating your needs and the current condition of the equipment, our technical teams can suggest a range of alternatives that include modernisation or total replacement.

Additionally, there may be new, innovative features that better suit particular building designs where existing machinery is now out dated. The CoxGomyl team can assist with suggesting the following added features to your Building Maintenance Unit:

  • Glass handling and replacement options
  • Options to assist with future building upgrades
  • Improved capacity to handle materials
  • Increased cradle capacity

Our experienced project management team can plan upgrades to equipment without disruption to the building, and replace your rooftop BMU system without the need to implement the original building tower crane.

With over 60 years in the industry, the team at CoxGomyl have the experience and expertise to repair, service and upgrade equipment both within and outside of our extensive portfolio.

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