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The CoxGomyl 5000 Series range of building maintenance units provides the ideal choice of facade access systems for buildings of moderate complexity, offering solutions that exceed the standard configurations available within the 3000 Series.

The CoxGomyl 5000 Series products are available in two ranges; the Standard and Flexible ranges, both of which are designed to meet varying facade access needs. These ranges offer a versatile selection of solutions for buildings of moderate complexity and are popular due to their modular design, making up the majority of CoxGomyl’s project portfolio. 

Standard Range

The Standard range in the 5000 Series provides a limited yet premium selection of frequently requested building maintenance unit options, suitable for facades of moderate complexity with heights up to 280 meters and is typically installed on buildings with flat roofs. The range is constructed from consistent, rigorously tested components and has a maximum reach of 30 meters and features CoxGomyl’s multi-layered hoist mechanism, designed to meet and exceed industry requirements. The range includes customisable reach, four cradle lengths, and fixed or traversing subframes. Additionally, it offers optional remote monitoring capabilities for real-time data insights. 

Flexible Range

The Flexible range provides a more customised solution than the Standard range, with flexible and modular options. It is ideal for buildings with facades up to 500 meters high and a maximum reach of 45 meters. The flexible range can be installed on buildings with flat or sloped roofs and efficiently operate on positive and negative facades. The modularity of the Flexible range of solutions make it an ideal choice for almost all building types.  

CoxGomyl is committed to upholding the highest production standards across all products with products fully manufactured in Europe, adhering to the strictest regulatory standards and ensuring high-quality standards are maintained.

When making an informed decision between the Standard and Flexible range, CoxGomyl’s facade access BIM Gallery provides 3D models of building maintenance units with key information, such as capacity and reach. During the planning phase, the 3D models can be used to compare and select the most suitable product, configure it according to specific needs, and simulate its use throughout the project. This allows for a more precise and efficient planning process, removing the guesswork from selecting the right product.

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