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The most well know skyscraper and also the tallest building in Hong Kong, is the International Commerce Centre. CoxGomyl devised an impressive facade access solution which consisted of 10 building maintenance units (BMUs) to service not only the building facade but its dragon like tail structure at the base.  Four facade access systems were installed on the roof which service from top to bottom of the angles facade. Another was installed to maintain the corners of the hotel floors which require frequent cleaning and another 4 building maintenance units were installed to service the building’s corners further down.

To maintain the ceiling inside the dragon’s tail, a telescopic gantry was used which is retractable to store inside a garage when not in use.

CoxGomyl provides integrated access solutions to both the building facades and the specially designed ‘dragon tail’. Four BMUs were installed on the rooftop to service the orthogonal facades from the top to the ground level. The machinery is all concealed behind high parapets and features mobile BMU’s on tracks with telescoping masts and jibs. One additional BMU was installed on the rooftop to service the corners of the hotel floors from the roof to M3-1 level at 306m, which require more frequent cleaning. As a mega tall commercial building, rental yields depend on the view and the window cleaning cycle is a key component of this value. Another four BMUs, named “corner machines” were installed further down at the M3-1 level to service the corners from 306m down to the ground.

This video takes you to the rooftop of the 484m building to showcase how we have set up our equipment to access this particular mega-tall building in one of the world’s premier cities for skyscrapers.

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