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The expert and experienced CoxGomyl design team are committed to working with our clients to deliver complete building maintenance systems which meet the varied needs of each specific project. We understand that the factors involved can often vary, and close collaboration with architects early in the design process is often the key to achieving a BMU solution which satisfies a range of competing requirements. This may span across guiding clients through considerations including integration with the structure and the visual impact on the building, the reach, and manoeuvrability of the Building Maintenance Units, cleaning cycles and additional functionality, not to mention achieving the most cost effective design possible.

Early consultation can deliver building maintenance systems which are integrated with the specific needs of the building involved and progress hand in hand alongside the wider architectural design process. CoxGomyl are also highly experienced, however, in delivering the best possible tailored access solutions for existing buildings where established structural and architectural features mean the building maintenance systems must be designed around immovable factors. With a wide range of products, options and specially tailored facade access solutions, the CoxGomyl design team have repeatedly proven their flexibility by delivering superior facade access systems where integration during design and construction is not an option.

Many buildings which present regular, broadly rectilinear forms are often well-served by a standard Building Maintenance Unit design which can provide all of the required coverage and functionality in the most cost-effective possible solution, always combined with industry leading engineering, build quality and reliability. A more complex BMU system may need to be deployed where buildings present more complex access issues such as curving and sloping facade surfaces, challenging architectural and structural features which the BMUs will need to navigate, a lack of available roof space. Other complicating factors include atriums, balconies, skybridges or overhanging surfaces, particularly tall structures which may include varying requirements for cleaning cycles by zone or specific local climate and weather conditions. In these instances, the CoxGomyl designers are able to work with a wide combination of standardised products, configurable modular options and tried and tested technologies to produce the most suitable façade access solutions tailored to the building’s needs.

The Haitian Center, for example, is a significant part of the redevelopment in the Fushan Bay area of Qingdao, China and encompasses three towers providing a wide array of mixed use functions. This includes one supertall building and an architectural vision conceived as a reflection of the rolling movement of the ocean, with multiple complex facade surfaces, curving sections and negatively inclined slopes. In instances such as these, a wider array of Building Maintenance Units are required in order to meet the access needs of complex structures. In this case, a total of seven BMUs are utilised in combination to deliver the required coverage and functionality. The complexity of the BMUs deployed across the project varies in response to the particular demands of each building and each building section but the system as a whole utilises both fixed and mobile BMUs, telescopic jibs and masts, one with a knuckle jib design and soft rope restraint systems to allow safe and reliable access to recessed and negatively sloping surfaces.

Whatever your facade access needs, CoxGomyl’s design team will work closely with you to develop the most suitable and cost-effective building maintenance system from building which call for a standard, single Building Maintenance Unit to more complex projects which require a combination of BMU designs and access strategies. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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