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CoxGomyl is a leading provider of facade access solutions for buildings offering a wide range of configurable building maintenance systems built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance. Having worked on landmark projects and some of the world’s most iconic buildings, CoxGomyl develops innovative building maintenance systems designed for minimal impact on the architectural integrity of a building.

CoxGomyl developed a facade access solution for The Shard, an iconic tower featuring an irregular pyramid shape in London in the United Kingdom. Between the tapered facades and lack of roof space, The Shard required an innovative facade access solution that utilised the engineering experience of the CoxGomyl team to ensure the system didn’t detract from the visual impact of the tower. CoxGomyl worked closely with the stakeholder to integrate multiple building maintenance units (BMUs) into the facades of the building itself which could be concealed in parking garages when not in use. The Facade access system features a BMU located at Level 87 of the tower which sits within the cantilevered tips of the Shard’s tower. CoxGomyl’s leveraged years of experience to engineer a BMU capable of conducting complex movement sequences to avoid contact with the glass-tipped facade of The Shard. Featuring a three-section luffing jib, the BMU has a full range of motion and can fold down out of sight for parking in the structural tip of the building.

In Australia, CoxGomyl recently designed a building maintenance system for Australia 108 in Melbourne. As the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia 108 is set to act as a landmark and reference point in the city of Melbourne meaning that preserving the optics of the tower was essential. Of the five building maintenance units, four are integrated into the structure and retract behind doors engineered into the facade when not in use. Each of these four building maintenance units features a complex double knuckle jib construction which allows them to fold down for parking and to reach out to both sides of the door openings to achieve complete facade coverage.

Another landmark project served by CoxGomyl building maintenance units is the Hard Rock Casino in Miami in the USA. The distinctive guitar-shaped tower required an innovative solution to provide 100% facade access across the unique geography of the building. CoxGomyl rose to the An innovative track system was Engineered for the first BMU and designed the unit in such a way that it could be parked in an unobtrusive position even with an additional shunt car. A further BMU traverses the shoulder of the guitar whilst the third BMU travels on a monorail system designed to blend in with the aesthetic of the tower itself whilst navigating its curves and steep climbs.

When CoxGomyl was called upon to deliver a facade access solution for the Residence Palace in Brussels, Belgium, there were a number of challenges to overcome. The building features a glass atrium made up of recycled glass windows which all vary in size and strength, as well as a prominent lantern-shaped space with different floor plans from one level to the next. The SDE team worked within the parameters of the unusual forms of the building to develop a BMU that is suspended from tracks that are integrated into the roof of the atrium. The solution utilises an aerial work platform for 100% facade access across the lower levels and is automated to manoeuvre specifically in line with the irregular form of the building. CoxGomyl met the stakeholder’s requirements to develop a facade access solution that blended seamlessly into the structure of the building itself.

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