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Even for experienced architects, developers and constructors, factoring in building maintenance systems requires consultation by experienced façade access engineers. It is important to ensure that your building has the best fit for purpose building maintenance system from the start to ensure that it effectively meets the building’s maintenance requirements in an efficient manner. If a building maintenance unit is selected solely on the cheapest price, a building owner risks installing a façade access system which doesn’t perform as it should and in a worst case, but not uncommon scenario in the industry, a replacement building maintenance system may be required if the façade access provider is inexperienced.

This highlights the importance of working with CoxGomyl’s highly qualified design and engineering team who will be able to provide expert guidance on the wide range of products and tailored solutions available to fully achieve your façade access requirements in the most practical and cost-effective way.

Whether the project involves a relatively uniform rectangular building form, highly complex building geography, unique architectural features or tall buildings which reach breathtaking heights, there are a range of factors you need to consider carefully. This is vital in order to ensure all of your façade access needs are sufficiently covered and the building maintenance system will work in harmony with the structure to protect and preserve your facade for its entire life cycle.

What tasks do you need the building maintenance system to perform? Think about how regularly you need to complete cleaning cycles and whether this varies between different areas of the facade. Often Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) and additional hoists are also used for maintenance and glass replacement tasks, so it’s worth considering that functionality too. Another key factor is the space available for BMUs. They are commonly located on the roof but the room available may be limited by the building design itself, other equipment on the roof such as a lift room or by a roof terrace or garden. It is also important to consider the building geography and how that might impact effective building access to all sections of the facade. Does the building, for instance present sloping surfaces, stepped sections, a curved facade, recessed areas, overhangs or any other particularly complex features? In some instances, there is also an emphasis on minimising the visual impact of the BMUs on the aesthetic of the building.

In instances like these, building maintenance systems can be intelligently deployed or adapted to overcome these issues in a variety of ways. The ideal solution might be a Building Maintenance Unit in a stationary position or travelling on tracks to access each elevation in turn. The parameters of the building might require a BMU with more flexibility such as telescopic jib for longer outreach combined with a compact profile. Otherwise inaccessible facade sections might call for the manoeuvrability of a knuckle jib design or the addition of a monorail system. Where visual impact is a concern, the BMUs can be hidden from view behind the parapet, other building features or in a designed parking garage.

Above all else, safety is always our primary concern. When it comes to the safety of your people, from BMU operators and building tenants to any members of the general public in the vicinity, the safety standards should provide for the best possible peace of mind. Our team work closely with you to ensure the highest standards of safety for your building maintenance system. A wide array of safety features come as standard on all our Building Maintenance Units. Even at the most economical end of the scale our BMU cradles are supported by double wire ropes at each of their suspension points and an additional safety rope which all ensure the cradle remains horizontal in the event of an incident. For more complex and tailor made access solutions a wide range of advanced safety features are available including automatic speed and motion sensors to prevent accidents.

This highlights the importance of working with CoxGomyl’s highly qualified design and engineering team who will be able to provide expert guidance on the wide range of products and options available to fully achieve your access requirements in the most practical and cost effective way. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you select the optimal solution.

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