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City planning authorities across the globe are perpetually concerned about the liveability of their citizens’ neighbourhoods.

Establishing the correct spatial ratios for residential, transport, retail, leisure, commerce, parkland and waterways, while taking into account local climatic conditions and cultural sensitivities, is a juggling act authorities grapple with regularly.

Woods Bagot, a people architecture firm invested in global communities and local culture, has found that a neighbourhood’s energy is increasingly linked to its spatial vitality and ability to attract creative classes. In real terms, this means spaces need to be created that encourage human interaction on a macro and micro level in which entertainment, work, relaxation, shopping and socialising may take place in a convivial atmosphere of inclusion and exclusion, as desired.

A key factor in achieving this brief is accentuating the visual amenity of the spaces where people congregate. Since poorly maintained and dirty building facades detract from a city’s ambience, enabling bespoke building access solutions for cleaning and maintenance purposes is essential for creating harmonious urban spaces.

Improved Building Access Requirements Around the Globe

Modern architecture firms are increasingly looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their structures while improving the overall visual impact they have on their neighbourhoods. At the same time, they must take into account the needs of the local community to achieve a harmonious work/life balance. Solutions to this conundrum have produced exceptional instances of outstanding designs that have been internationally applauded.

One such example is Singapore’s Marina One. This stylish complex, incorporating two residential towers and two grade A office towers, is living proof that the marriage of form and function is a goal worth achieving. The complex includes a central podium housing retail space and lush greenery that has created a City in a Gardenfeel the whole community has embraced. From the outside, its visual appeal is enhanced by steering clear of standard smooth lines in favour of a relieved chequerboard design.

In New York, the multiple tapered facades of 53 West 53rd create an angular, graceful addition to this already impressive cityscape. Its floor to ceiling windows allow unobstructed views of Central Park and greater Manhattan. The choice of facade fits the artisan nature of the neighbourhood and residents enjoy the quirky lines and individuality of their apartment block.

Melbourne’s Prima Pearl is another stunning example of delivering multi-purpose architecture within the confines of a single edifice. Its 691 designer apartments are accompanied by swimming pools, a day spa and steam rooms, gymnasium, private cinema, 10 levels of high-end commercial space and to cap it off – a virtual golf-driving range! Its sleek facade features curves and recesses and its stunning bronze hue attracts admiring glances day and night.

So what role does external building access play in enhancing a city’s liveability?

With each of the examples above, their visual appeal is created by the attractive design features of their facades. These same features present individual challenges which must be overcome when designing the building maintenance units required to allow external access for cleaning and maintaining the structure. For the benefits sought by local planning authorities to be realised in local neighbourhoods, regular building maintenance and cleaning schedules must be adhered to and that requires safe and reliable equipment to grant workers building access.

CoxGomyl is an international engineering group intent on assisting local authorities to have the ability to grant their citizens quality neighbourhoods to enjoy. By providing bespoke engineering solutions that provide safe and effective building access, we are one small part of a larger team dedicated to improving the lives of urban dwellers across the globe.

From breathtaking city vistas to quirky and warm human spaces, from vast commercial complexes to soaring office and residential towers, CoxGomyl are proud to be a part of giving each and every citizen their personal city zen moment.

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