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Discussions around Building Maintenance Unit services very often focus on the design and manufacturing stages of the process, and for good reason. It’s important to factor in any initial challenges presented by each building access project, dealing with a whole host of barriers to deliver effective building access solutions; from navigating around architectural features and deploying BMUs in limited space, to minimising the visual impact and delivering the functionality to access hard to reach areas.

CoxGomyl’s comprehensive building access solutions always take a much broader view than this, and are developed to meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of each structure day in and day out, keeping buildings pristine for years to come. Bearing that in mind, it is well worth looking in greater depth at how one of CoxGomyl’s most well-known and celebrated building access systems operates on a daily basis to complete the required cleaning cycles across all facade surfaces and provide operators with the means to safely and efficiently complete a range of maintenance tasks.

The scale and complexity of the 492 metre-tall Shanghai World Financial Center and its 474 metre high observation deck required a comparably intricate building access system. No fewer than 20 BMUs were deployed with a range of varied features to provide 100% coverage and also retract inside the building itself to conceal the machines from view.

The impressive scale of this complete building access system calls for a total of 26 staff members to operate all the BMUs. The entire facade of this massive supertall skyscraper can be cleaned within a period of approximately three months. In practice, the building’s cleaning cycles are organised and staggered to allow for the varied purposes and uses of each part of the building. The quality of the views from the observation deck is obviously a primary concern and this area is therefore cleaned twice every month to maintain optimum levels of transparency and visitor enjoyment. The lower level of upkeep required for the hotel and office areas, meanwhile, mean they are cleaned once a month and once every three months respectively. This program of targeted maintenance provides a minimum of four complete cleaning cycles each year. In addition to facade cleaning, operators are also able to use the BMUs to safely and efficiently replace glass panels and LED lights along with a range of other maintenance tasks as required. A straight forward five-step procedure allows operators to safely and reliably utilise the automated system to launch the BMUs from within the building, and reverse the steps to retract them back into their parked positions.

CoxGomyl’s dedicated team always work in close consultation with our clients to deliver a long term investment, ensuring that every system we provide meets their particular building access needs and becomes a valuable part of the living building for years to come.

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