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CoxGomyl place safety at the heart of our work. Our Building Maintenance Units are designed and engineered to the highest standards so they are built to be reliable and safe.

Our experienced project managers will work with you to develop the right facade access solutions, including compliance with local health and safety requirements and making safety an integral part of the solution.

The basics of fall protection begin with precautions such as operators wearing a body harness and restraint lanyard which are properly secured to a suitable anchor point. Our cradles provide clearly designated safety harness anchorage points and, beyond that, we are always striving to minimise the risks involved in working at height at every opportunity.

Starting with our most economical configurations, a wide array of safety features come as standard to maximise fall prevention. Across the 1000 Series range, the cradle is supported by two wire ropes at each suspension point. In the unlikely event of a rope failure, the cradle remains suspended horizontally, providing increased safety for the operators. The 1000 series uses traction hoists with a secondary safety rope which passes through a safety device. This is automatically activated in the unlikely situation of a rupture or slippage of the suspension rope, keeping the cradle safely suspended. In addition, there are a host of other safety devices that help ensure that the whole system performs safely.

Our facade access solutions for buildings of medium complexity are also designed so that the BMU cradle, supported by four wire ropes on a load-bearing drum hoist, remains horizontal in the unlikely event of a rope failure. The BMUs in the 5000 Series use copper wire in each of the hoisting ropes to carry signals between the cradle and the control system on the roof. This provides a continuous ‘hardwired’ control link between the roof car and the cradle which is not subject to the interference that can affect radio or magnetic communications and increases safety for the operators.

Standard safety devices on all 5000 Series machines include a cradle overload device, cradle trip bar, jib slew end of travel limit switch, cradle emergency retrieval hand wind, slack rope device, over-speed detector and brake, emergency stop, residual current device, cross bar slew end of travel limits, electrical phase failure detector, harness attachment points, cradle full-up detector, lanyard restraint trip bar, secondary cradle full-up over travel detector and wire rope equalizer.

The sky is the limit for our 7000 Series of Building Maintenance Units for high and very high complexity buildings. A comprehensive range of speed and movement sensors are deployed throughout the systems to prevent accidental overspeed or overloading, to indicate end-of-travel limits, and to monitor power supplies and system levelling.

Whatever your needs for building maintenance, safety is the number one priority of every facade access solution we deliver.

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