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Rising to the challenge, CoxGomyl is present worldwide to provide a range of facade access systems to architects, consultants, developers, constructors and building owners. From design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, CoxGomyl is a leader in facade access solutions.

CoxGomyl facade access systems assist in the long-term preservation of structures across the globe. Capable of achieving complete coverage of even the most complex designs, the available range of building maintenance products are ideal for building owners who recognise that an effective cleaning cycle can help maintain or increase the structure’s value or reputation.

Like a book’s cover, a facade can paint a picture. From residential buildings to commercial developments, a well-maintained facade can attract tenants, buyers or mere positive attention from the general public compared to a building that has faced environmental deterioration, pests, and general wear without a structured cleaning cycle.

What’s more, a CoxGomyl facade access system can assist in not only cleaning processes but facilitate further building maintenance that is essential to safeguarding its pristine condition. Painting, window replacement, and updating important signage or branding are just a few of the tasks that CoxGomyl’s products can ease the process for.

Let’s look at some of the projects where the provision of a CoxGomyl building maintenance system has aided in increasing or maintaining property value and reputation.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

As the tallest building globally, the Burj Khalifa required a substantial facade maintenance system to achieve full coverage. Estimated to have cost US $1.5 billion to construct, CoxGomyl delivered a total of 18 building maintenance units to ensure that the significant investment could continue to marvel tenants and tourists for years to come, thereby increasing its value.

Rockefeller Center, New York

The success of facade access systems in ensuring older buildings continue to attract tenants and hold their value is illustrated by the Rockefeller Centre in New York. Constructed in 1959, the series of four buildings within the Centre has been continually serviced by building maintenance units, building their reputation as a vibrant jewel of the New York City skyline. Additionally, CoxGomyl delivered two replacement BMUs for the centre to prolong this standing.

Hard Rock Casino, Florida

Also known as The Guitar Hotel, the Hard Rock Casino in Florida is a unique feature that attracts thousands of guests. The 137-metre, blue glass, guitar shaped structure was also estimated to have cost US $1.5 billion, making a facade access solution essential to the success of the whole enterprise with its appearance and unparalleled views its drawing card. CoxGomyl delivered three building maintenance units to the project, offering a practical solution for long term success.

Reach out to the experts at CoxGomyl to learn more about how a facade access system could help improve your building’s value.

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