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The CoxGomyl 1000 Series range is designed for use on buildings of low complexity, where the building design can be more flexible to accommodate a relatively standard access solution. When developing concepts using the 1000 Series range, the sales team at CoxGomyl select from a collection of relatively standard equipment, to achieve a simple and economical solution. For more complex access requirements that cannot be solved by using the 1000 Series range, the designers at CoxGomyl can always find a suitable solution within the 5000 Series range for projects requiring more customized solutions.

The options available as part of the 1000 Series might be deployed as a single BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) which is capable of meeting all access requirements or as a combination of standardised products which allows our team to deliver simple, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of buildings and heights up to 130 metres.

Where the geography of the building allows for a straight forward solution using a concrete runway or twin tracks on the roof, the EC Type BMU can deliver a reliable choice for buildings of low height. The Building maintenance unit provides a reach of up to 3.5 metres with a fixed jib and the option of a rotating crossbar where additional manoeuvrability is required. Where the roof of the building does not present a constant, level surface for a runway or track layout which would allow a single Building Maintenance Unit to access the entire building envelope, the K Type Building Maintenance Unit offers a cost-effective and simple solution which shares a common cradle between various systems. Where greater outreach capability is required, the U Type Building Maintenance Unit provides a reach of up to 10 metres and a taller mast capable of navigating higher parapet barriers. Like the other BMUs in the 1000 Series, the U Type is based on standardised components for a simple and economical solution which can also be configured with a continuous track or with a shared cradle across a number of systems.

In addition to BMU based solutions, the 1000 Series also provides a range of other access approaches which can be leveraged to deliver comprehensive building maintenance systems with the minimum of unnecessary complications and expense. Monorail systems can be deployed where there is not sufficient space for a building access system at roof level or where recesses in the facade would otherwise call for a highly complex approaching mechanism. By utilising aluminium tracks securely fixed to the side of the building or under a recessed area, a monorail system might use manual or self-powered trolleys travelling on tracks laid out horizontally, vertically or on an incline. Further flexibility can be built into a monorail system where the track is required to follow the curve of the building or travel around corners. Where the visual impact of the facade access system is a concern or where available roof space is limited, the 1000 Series davit system presents another simple and easy to configure option. In this instance, a number of bases are installed on the roof with arms made of aluminium or steel which can be conveniently dismantled and moved between bases to deliver complete facade coverage. Self-powered cradles of up to 8 metres in length can also be shared between the various base points. Both the davit arms and the cradle can also be discreetly stored when not in use to open up the roof area for other purposes. Atriums and skylights can present specific access needs in relatively low-height buildings and the safest, most simple solution in these cases is often a gantry system. Made of robust aluminium or steel materials, a 1000 Series gantry can be configured to travel along a skylight and be positioned on the interior or exterior of a skylight or atrium to provide cleaning and maintenance access on both sides. Gantries can easily be configured to match the geography of the building and its features with options for horizontal, inclined, curved, telescopic and cantilevered designs.

Across the 1000 Series range, our customers can rely on the same high standards of quality and safety which the CoxGomyl brand name is famous for all over the world. Contact us to find out more about how the flexible 1000 Series can be configured to meet your access needs.

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