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CoxGomyl has earnt a strong reputation for delivering highly adaptable facade access systems which can be configured to meet a wide range of building access requirements. This adaptability is evidenced by CoxGomyl’s portfolio of successful installations, including a number of projects where unusual building geography created challenging hard to reach areas.

Hengqin International Finance Centre in China is celebrated for its beguiling design, with the 336-metre tower splitting into four peaks as it rises up from ground level in curving, fluid lines which appear to twist and wind around each other. This bold, ground-breaking architectural achievement, however, presented a number of hard-to-reach areas for facade access systems, especially with the additional complication of numerous slanting rooflines. CoxGomyl rose to this challenge with four highly manoeuvrable building maintenance units (BMUs) which are hidden under the helipad at roof level. The superior functionality of telescopic jibs, telescopic masts and soft-rope systems for horizontal movement ensure full facade coverage.

The Jumeirah Gate represents another example of a truly unique building design with hard-to-reach facade surfaces. Two distinct tower structures, each 301 metres tall, are linked by two large bridges, one at ground level and the other at the top of the building. This creates a building geography with a large open void in between the towers. In addition, the outermost elevations present a curving facade form. A highly adaptable building maintenance unit is positioned within each building between the upper floors accompanied by specially designed tracks to allow the BMUs to travel around the curved periphery of the building. A different BMU solution performs vertical drops from its location within the soft of the upper bridge structure.

Tall building design doesn’t come more unusual than the guitar-shaped form of the Hard Rock Casino in Florida. Comprehensive coverage of the unique guitar shape was a key consideration for the facade access solution, along with avoiding any negative visual impact on the design. CoxGomyl developed a complete building access system utilising three building maintenance units. A BMU at roof level features a complex track layout to ensure access to all elevations and is parked in a discreet position. A second building maintenance unit is situated at the shoulder of the guitar form with an additional monorail solution for facade areas below level seven.

From relatively simple rectilinear building forms to the most imaginative and challenging architectural visions, CoxGomyl has a wealth of experience in providing industry-leading building access systems all over the world. Get in touch to find out more or to discuss an upcoming project.

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