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Historic buildings provide the context of our cities and towns, making each place unique and rich in important history. As such, finding carefully considered ways to preserve building facades is essential to their longevity into the future.

CoxGomyl has an indepth portfolio of façade access systems from all over the world and is well experienced in providing tailored access solutions for the precise requirements of heritage buildings to maintain the integrity whilst providing reliable solutions for ongoing cleaning, maintenance and façade repairs.

CoxGomyl has provided several facade access solutions for heritage buildings around the world.

Rockefeller Center, New York
CoxGomyl developed two building maintenance units for the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York. The team was entrusted with developing and executing a carefully considered building access solution when it became clear a modern new facade access system was required to protect the historical building. Special consideration was given to ensure all unique requirements of installation on the  existing structure were met within a tight time frame, developing a comprehensive facade access system.

Silver Tower, Frankfurt
CoxGomyl has also been involved in numerous projects across Germany, supporting the redevelopment and modernisation of many historic structures. Silver Tower, which was built in 1978, is just one example. An extensive restoration and modernisation of the building began in 2009

The old facade access system was replaced with a new, modern building maintenance unit to help protect the exterior facade for years to come. It was carefully designed with the client’s goal in mind: to help preserve the floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the auditorium and conference facilities, which are the main attractions of the building.

Bartningallee 9, Berlin
Gustav Hassenpflug designed and built the modernist high-rise tower Bartningallee 9 in Berlin in 1957. Clean, elegant lines defined the concept, as did the introduction of variable floor plans for each apartment.

To replace an ageing facade access system and ensure the building’s legacy for many years to come, a modern and highly functional CoxGomyl building maintenance unit was installed.

Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss a facade access solution to maintain the longevity of your building facade.

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