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Facade Access, a publication by Ahamed Hussain, is an industry guide which explores the theme of ‘Engineering Excellence Meets Architectural Challenges’. As an industry-leader in facade access solutions, the Facade access publication features some of CoxGomyl’s most innovative work across its global portfolio of esteemed projects including some of the world’s most famous buildings, skyscrapers and landmarks.

Burj Khalifa – Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa is well known as the world’s tallest building but is also remarkably complex in its geography with a tri-petal footprint rising inwards towards varied peaks. Without a clear roof or terrace space available, CoxGomyl developed a comprehensive solution encompassing wall-mounted BMUs, telescopic booms and compact units across a system of several bespoke machines.

Duke Energy Centre – Charlotte, USA

Recognised for its chiselled upper quadrant and crossbeam which lies more than 20 metres above roof level, the Duke Energy Centre required a facade access solution with an extended reach that could be lowered into a very tight parking pit for storage. CoxGomyl provided a BMU with a five-stage luffing jib that could be lowered six metres into the parking pit when not in use for a practical and aesthetically viable facade access solution.

20 Fenchurch Street – London, UK

Located in the financial district of London, 20 Fenchurch Street is one of the most distinctive architectural feats on the London skyline. CoxGomyl supplied a range of different systems to provide access to various areas of the facade with most of the access being provided by three building maintenance unit (BMU) systems on the main roof utilising pivoting and variable levelling technology.

Hard Rock Casino – Florida, USA

CoxGomyl developed a building maintenance system comprised of three BMUs to provide access to the guitar-shaped form of the Hard Rock Casino. One visually unobtrusive BMU traverses the roof of the building whilst a BMU located at level 31 maintains the mid-levels and a monorail system BMU provides access for cleaning operations on levels 7 and below.

Oasia Hotel – Singapore

The Oasia Hotel in Singapore features roof terraces and a curtain wall design that required an expertly designed facade access solution. CoxGomyl provided a flexible BMU based on a monorail system to create access to the entirety of the unique facade.

Pearl River – Guangzhou, China

The Pearl River building was designed for energy efficiency and features a roof lined with solar panels. As a result of restricted roof space, all three CoxGomyl BMUs are housed within the building and are launched from retracting panels from various levels of the building to provide 100% facade access.

Shanghai World Financial Centre – Shanghai, China

A system of 20 CoxGomyl building maintenance units provides facade access across the length of the Shanghai World Financial Centre. A variety of jib designs were used including fixed length jibs and multi-stage knuckle jibs to provide the functionality of launching the cradles out from the limited spaces to safely reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the building’s facade.

The Shard – London, United Kingdom

The irregular pyramid shape which defines this eye-catching landmark creates a form with a smaller area at roof level expanding outwards towards the base. In effect, this meant that a building maintenance unit launched from the higher floors to descend straight down would not be able to reach the outermost edges of the facade with only vertical movement. In response to this issue, CoxGomyl developed a special cradle support beam for all building maintenance units in the three main zones to create 100% facade access.

Torre Caja – Madrid, Spain

As the tallest building in Spain, the Torre Caja Madrid is an iconic landmark. An archway rises from the ground, high above the roof level, surrounding the glass and aluminium-panelled façade on either side. CoxGomyl engineers designed two BMUs featuring articulated jibs to overcome the challenge of creating access to the underside of the archway. The jibs are able to retract and fold away for parking, ensuring their visual impact is kept to a minimum.

Facade Access is available on Google Play by its author Ahamed Hussain, a leading facade access consultant in the industry.

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