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Roof-based Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) have long been the obvious go-to choice for most tall building maintenance systems, and with good reason.

For buildings of relatively low complexity, CoxGomyl can often provide a well thought out design which will achieve the required coverage and functionality using standard components for a short reach, drum hoist mechanism as an economical solution which is also low maintenance and safe in operation. Other economical configurations can also provide additional flexibility where required. For instance, where the roof of the building does not offer a continuous and levelled runway for a single Building Maintenance Unit, a multitude of different types of systems can be deployed which share between them a common self-powered cradle.

There are occasions, however, when traditional BMUs are not the best choice of building access system, or when they need to be combined with other solutions to deliver the required coverage as part of an economical design. There might be more budget-conscious and practical solutions than BMUs alone, or the characteristics and architecture of the building might make a roof-mounted Building Maintenance Unit unworkable. In these instances, CoxGomyl can deliver a range of other access solutions to suit the unique requirements of any project.

Gantries and Work Platforms

Gantries can form a key part of an economical solution for buildings of lower complexity which have lower working height requirements and limited facade surfaces. Gantry systems can be deployed in two ways; either travelling on tracks at roof level or located below roof the roof line travel to traverse the building perimeter and descend as required for building maintenance tasks.

Among the more complex building maintenance systems are those designed for glass roofs and atriums, which are becoming an increasingly common features. The nature of the clear materials often mean that both internal and external access is required for cleaning and repair work. CoxGomyl’s work platforms are often utilised as an efficient and economical solution for these access challenges which does not negatively impact the building’s aesthetic.


In situations where a lack of roof space makes a traditional roof-based Building Maintenance Unit problematic, monorail systems can often provide an elegant alternative. Monorail tracks can run around the side of the building or might even be fixed on the underside of an overhanging feature. There are also a range of track configurations which can be utilised to suit the needs of the particular project, including tracks which run horizontally, vertically and on an incline. One particular situation where a monorail system can provide a flexible and visually appealing option is for projects which call for the track to be hidden from view or integrated with the facade of the building itself.

CoxGomyl have the experience and expertise to develop the most appropriate building maintenance systems which make safety requirements a priority, provide high quality equipment and parts, all of which combine to deliver an economical building maintenance system which can be delivered promptly.

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