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CoxGomyl has the widest range of configurable building maintenance units built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance.

The economic 1000 Series is suitable for low complexity structures, and the 5000 Series is ideal for those with more intricacies. Sitting between these ranges is the modular 3000 Series range.

The CoxGomyl 3000 Series range of building maintenance units are designed to provide dependable, cost-effective facade access solutions for building structures of uniform shape, with delivery periods of 12 weeks or less for both the E3000 and F3000.


The E3000 model is a dependable and cost-effective option for buildings of lower height and uniform shape, with an outreach of up to 6 metres. The E3000 is a compact, durable, and lightweight building maintenance unit that is nearly completely hidden from view from ground level when not in use. The BMU is especially well suited to situations with limited roof space because of its small footprint. The method allows for jib luffing with a minimum height of 1.1 metres, providing inconspicuous parking.

The E3000 is easy to install and operate. It provides a dependable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective façade access solution up to a maximum operating height of 135 metres with a weight capacity of 300 kg. Furthermore, the system includes several safety features, including upper and lower safety bars on the platform and an auxiliary hoist for replacing facade parts like windows.


The F3000, often known as a ‘crane type’ BMU, is utilised when the reach or suspended load exceeds the capabilities of the E-type machines. The auxiliary hoist on the BMU has a load capacity of 500kg and a reach of up to 14 metres. The F3000, like the E3000, has upper and lower platform safety bars and an auxiliary hoist for window replacement. The system is simple to set up, operate, and alter in reach, drop, and gauge.

The E3000 and F3000 building maintenance units come in various colours and are entirely galvanised, with extra features like cable reelers, subframe platforms, and anemometers available upon request.

Contact CoxGomyl’s specialist team for more information on the broad range of facade access solutions available and a quote tailored to your project’s requirements.

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