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At CoxGomyl, we recognise that well designed and precision engineered Building Maintenance Units should not be limited only to the tallest skyscrapers and the most architecturally complex constructions. Relatively low-height buildings of uniform shapes also require reliable, cost effective facade access solutions to carry out a range of vital maintenance tasks which call for a high level of functionality. We also recognise that less complex buildings can still present challenges for practical building access systems such as limited roof space, and that the aesthetic impact any maintenance equipment has on a uniform-shaped building itself can be just as important to building owners, tenants, residents, visitors and other stakeholders.

With all these considerations in mind, CoxGomyl’s team of designers and engineers have drawn on all the expertise and technical knowledge gained over 50 years of experience as leaders in the industry to develop a new generation of Building Maintenance Units. The 3000 Series encompasses two models which both deliver compact, economical Building Maintenance Units with high-value functionality and a range of options capable of meeting the access challenges presented by the vast majority of the tall buildings which are most popular in terms of size and shape.


With a remarkably compact form, the E3000 Building Maintenance Unit achieves a very discreet profile when not in use and can often be virtually hidden from view when not in use. With the option of jib luffing, the height of the BMU in parked position is reduced to just 1.1 metres. The benefits of lower space requirements make the E3000 an especially attractive building access solution for buildings where the physical space available is necessarily limited or where the rooftop space is used as a garden or terrace, and the minimal visual impact of the Building Maintenance System becomes even more important. Functionality is packed within the compact frame to provide a practical, safe and efficient access solution for buildings up to 135 metres in height. The E3000 delivers a crossbar slewing range of 90°, a machine body slewing range of 180° and, where required, an auxiliary hoist with a capacity of up to 400kg for tasks such as window and facade panel replacement.


Where the building parameters go beyond the specifications of the especially compact E3000, the crane type design of the F3000 provides an equally reliable and economical building access solution for buildings up to 235 metres in height. In addition to the same range of slewing movement as the E3000, it also offers an outreach of up to 14 metres and a higher load bearing capacity, with the optional auxiliary hoist capable of handling up to 500kg. This versatile machine is simple to use and install, with adjustments in reach, drop and gauge easily arranged to suit the specific project.

Both machines come with a range of safety features as standard including a hoist over-speed device and safety bars. What’s more, these robust, reliable Building Maintenance Unitss in this range can be delivered and on operation servicing your building in 12 weeks or under. We recommend talking to our expert team about your access requirements and how the 3000 Series machines and options could present a cost-effective opportunity to meet all of your building access needs.

Read here for more information or to download our 3000 Series brochure and specification sheets.

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