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As a leading provider of facade access solutions with a history spanning over 60 years, CoxGomyl is recognised around the world as a name to trust. Our portfolio includes numerous successful installations in the traditional home of the skyscraper; the United States of America. Two recent U.S based projects in particular showcase the high value building access solutions and strategies which CoxGomyl’s expert team have been able to develop and implement. From an adventurous new twin-tower structure in Boston to an emotive new landmark on the New York City skyline, our extensive product range and flexible approach can help address a variety of project-specific needs.

Winthrop Square Tower forms the central focus of the ongoing redevelopment in Boston’s bustling financial district. This key anchoring building is conceived as a bold architectural statement with a twin-tower structure connected by a sky-bridge. The geography of the building is also complicated by features including skylights and built in facade signage. The solution CoxGomyl delivered archives complete facade coverage utilising one Building Maintenance Unit on each tower to provide an array of techniques and capabilities suited to the challenges presented. The smaller east tower at 48 storeys is accessed with a BMU travelling on twin tracks around the building perimeter which, in combination with a four-stage telescoping jib, provides easy and practical access to drop points covering the entire tower facade surface. The taller west tower reaches 55 storeys or 218 metres in height and benefits from a fixed position Building Maintenance Unit which, with a five-stage telescoping jib capable of reaching up to 25 metres, safely and conveniently provides access to every part of the tower facade and the connecting sky-bridge. Both BMUs also feature auxiliary hoists for heavier loads and telescopic masts which allow the units to be lowered into a compact parked position which maintains the visual integrity of this centrepiece building.

Meanwhile, in New York, CoxGomyl were proud to be involved in realising one of the most significant building projects the world-famous city has seen for many years in the shape of the new One World Trade Center. In addition to the emotive aspects of this redevelopment at the World Trade Center site, the new 541 metre-tall landmark skyscraper is intended to stand proudly as a monument to the people of New York and the city itself. The tower is defined by clean lines and a gentle inwardly tapering form at its corners which creates a prism-like structure and plays with the effect of natural sunlight throughout the day to create a constantly changing experience. An effective facade access system would obviously be a vital consideration in preserving this iconic structure, but the solution needed to allow for installation to be achieved without the use of any tower cranes.

CoxGomyl’s experienced team proved their ability to work creatively with multiple stakeholders and deliver a comprehensive facade access solution. Each component part weighed less than 2721kg or 6000lbs and met strict size limitations in order to facilitate lifting the building access system to the roof using the building elevators. This approach, however, did not sacrifice any functionality in operation with four Building Maintenance Units operating from fixed positions and the maneuverability of dual knuckle slewing rings to achieve complete facade coverage.

Across the USA and throughout the world, CoxGomyl have repeatedly shown the ability to design and engineer practical and cost-effective facade access systems to overcome the challenges presented by any building large or small. Contact us to discuss the access requirements for your next project.

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