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Together, CoxGomyl and Manntech are renowned as leaders of the façade access industry. As part of Alimak Group, CoxGomyl and Manntech are at the forefront of the façade access solutions industry and enjoying a well regarded reputation and influential position in the global industry. Over 120 years of industry-leading expertise, innovation and experience are poured into each project taken on by the teams at CoxGomyl. The tried and tested façade access solutions pioneered by CoxGomyl are renowned for optimal performance efficiency and dependability. From uniform shape buildings to intricate architectural designs, the teams at CoxGomyl and Manntech deliver fitting façade access solutions to reach even the most complex parts of a building’s exterior.

With an impressive portfolio of landmarks, and famous buildings both commercial and residential, CoxGomyl and Manntech have designed façade access solutions for some of the world’s most iconic buildings including almost half of those listed in the 50 Most Influential Tall Buildings of the Last 50 Years. Selected by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in a ranking of notable buildings spanning 1969 – 2019, 20 of the 50 buildings on the list are kept in pristine condition by building maintenance systems engineered by CoxGomyl and Manntech. With bespoke cleaning, maintenance and repair solutions, CoxGomyl and Manntech service up to almost 40% of the most iconic and influential buildings in the world.

The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is an institution held in the highest regard to those working in architecture, construction and building operations. Revered for their deep levels of knowledge and experience, the CTUBH has historically set the standard criteria by which tall buildings are defined, and have the final say when awarding titles such as ‘World’s Tallest Building’. The 50 most influential buildings were determined by both CTBUH members and world-renowned experts on tall buildings and architecture. Every building named on the list marks a milestone in breaking the mould for architectural design and the construction of a tower. A multitude of factors were considered when compiling the list with efforts in context sensitivity, innovation and architectural integrity carrying particular weight.

With dynamic capability at their core, CoxGomyl have evolved in parallel with the innovations in architecture responsible for some of the world’s most iconic buildings. Both CoxGomyl and Manntech rise to the challenges posed by complex building designs and overcome previously insurmountable difficulties in façade access. Working at the forefront of technology, the team at CoxGomyl are credited with the invention of ground-breaking building maintenance systems. Together CoxGomyl and Manntech challenge the boundaries set by existing technology to deliver complete façade access no matter how complex the geography of a façade.

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