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At CoxGomyl, we offer a wide range of building maintenance units and facade access systems that are designed to help architects, constructors, consultants, and building owners navigate complicated facade access challenges.

Our comprehensive selection of products falls under four key categories for building applications of low, medium to high complexity, through to our custom solution offering for truly unique architectural structures.

Economical Range – 1000 series
The CoxGomyl 1000 Series range is specifically designed for buildings of low complexity. If the design of your building is uniform in shape, relatively low in height than installing a standard access system from our 1000 series range will produce an economical choice. The 1000 series range of products consists of self-powered suspended platforms, monorail tracks, traversing trolleys, turntables, and davits.

Modular Range – 3000 series
The 3000 series range is designed to provide reliable, economical facade access solutions for buildings of uniform shape, with prompt delivery times of 12 weeks or less for any machine in the range. The 3000 Series range provides practical and cost-effective facade access solutions which consist of two models, the E3000 and the F3000.

The E3000 is ideal for uniform buildings with limited space on the roof. Compact and robust, it can’t be seen from ground level when it’s not in use and perform drops up to 135 meters. The F3000, meanwhile, is a crane-like building maintenance unit that can be installed when the E-type machine is not suitable. With a reach of up to 14 metres, and working heights up to 235 meters, both models can be supplied with an auxiliary traction hoist up to 500 kg.

 Moderate Complexity – 5000 series
A more complex or unique building will require a facade access system from our 5000 series. Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of this range, building maintenance units can be adapted to fit the specific requirements of the building.

Select a solution from the Standard or Flexible range of this series. The standard range has been designed from standardised components keeping a light and robust design able to offer a maximum reach of 30 meters, with heights up to 280 meters. The Flexible Range is available with a multi-stage telescopic jib up to six stages providing the optimal solution, offering a wider range of flexible and modular options to be utilised for a range of facades with a maximum reach of 45 meters and heights up to 500 meters.

Custom Solutions
Should your project require a truly unique facade access system that doesn’t meet the parameters of the above product ranges, our experienced team will assist to devise a custom solution to suit your specific building. CoxGomyl’s customised facade access solutions are designed to meet specific architectural challenges, including design aesthetics, technical parameters, and practical access requirements for building maintenance.

Get in touch with the CoxGomyl team for more information or assistance with product selection for your facade access needs.

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