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CoxGomyl is well known the world over as a leading provider of facade access systems. Part of what has earned the brand such a strong reputation is the strength and depth of the product range. The three ranges of products offered by CoxGomyl provides a comprehensive range of façade access solutions fit for purpose, from economical options for buildings of uniform height, through to more advanced access systems for buildings of greater height and architectural challenges.

1000 Series

The 1000 Series encompasses a wide array of reliable and economical building access solutions drawn from standard components and designs to deliver the most economical solution possible. The 1000 Series has often been successfully deployed to meet all of the access needs of relatively low height and low complexity buildings. Used in combination with more complex machines, the 1000 Series can also be utilised as part of a wider building maintenance system to achieve comprehensive coverage of every facade surface for more complex structural challenges.

This range includes a short reach Building Maintenance Unit based on a drum hoist mechanism or a self-powered cradle. The self-powered cradle is particularly flexible and suited to, for instance, buildings without a clear level space for a BMU track. This often allows for single cradle can be shared between multiple parts of the facade access system in order to minimise costs. Additional options are available for an outreach of up to 10 metres and for higher masts where it is necessary to navigate over a building parapet.

The economical 1000 Series is designed to facilitate a number of access strategies capable of addressing a wide range of access requirements using standardised designs. Monorail systems can be deployed to provide a track system on the side of the structure itself or under a recess. Davit systems provide the flexibility of metal arms which can be used across various drop points to access each elevation and dismantled to be stored discreetly out of sight. Gantries also provide a practical access solution for areas such as atriums and skylights.

3000 Series

The 3000 Series is built around modular configurations of tried and tested designs for reliable and low maintenance facade access solutions. This means quick turnaround times with delivery available in 12 weeks or less for any BMU in the range. This series includes compact machines which are especially well suited for limited roof spaces and are effectively concealed from view at ground level. Where greater outreach or weight capacity is required, the 3000 Series also encompasses a crane type Building Maintenance Unit with an outreach of up to 14 metres and an auxiliary hoist capable of lifting 500kg.

5000 Series

For projects where the building geography or architectural features present access challenges which go beyond the capabilities of a Building Maintenance Unit from the 1000 or 3000 Series range, and for taller buildings up to 450 or 500 metres in height, the CoxGomyl design team will deliver a customised building maintenance system. By utilising a broad range of standard features and additional options, the 5000 Series allows for a building access system to be tailored to the specific needs of more complex buildings within the most economical package possible. Compact short reach BMUs are also available as part of the 5000 Series, while crane type machines can provide all of the outreach required for complete facade coverage up to a maximum of 50 metres. A wide range of additional options and machine movement capabilities provide for a highly adaptable design approach which develops a facade maintenance system customised to your needs. A 5000 Series BMU can, for instance, provide the functionality of slewing movement for the cradle or the machine itself, telescopic jibs, telescoping or pantograph masts and an array of approaching mechanisms including soft rope solutions for horizontal cradle movement and ‘pull in’ mechanisms for recessed areas.

Contact us to discuss your building access requirements and how the extensive CoxGomyl range can be deployed to achieve the best outcomes.

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