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Jinan Center Financial City tower, also known as Hanyu Business Center tower, is a mixed-use hotel and office tower which will form the focal point of the continuing development in this area. Bearing in mind the significance of the tower, effective building access solutions for cleaning and maintenance will form a vital part of the continued success of the building and the wider CBD area, both as a vibrant living hub for business and leisure activities and as a symbol for the region that will inspire both residents and visitors from around the world. CoxGomyl were tasked with delivering a roof-based facade access system capable of covering 100% of the building envelope, including a number of challenging recessed surfaces. The parameters of the project made standard, unsophisticated Building Maintenance Units unfeasible and required a more highly developed solution which was also cost-effective.

In practical terms, the new tower will provide much-needed facilities for local and international business and tourism. As the tallest building in the re-energised CBD, soaring to 339 metres and 69 storeys, it will also represent a powerful physical and visual symbol of Jinan itself. The tower has been conceived as the new landmark for Jinan, the capital city of the Shandong Province, and a leading centre of economic, cultural and political activity.

To ensure the facades of this significant new building can be effectively maintained for many years to come, CoxGomyl’s expert design, engineering and manufacturing teams developed a comprehensive access solution that met all the client’s requirements. Two BMUs are located on the roof of the building which travel on a twin-track system to provide convenient access to every elevation. Additional flexibility and manoeuvrability is provided by a three-stage telescopic jib which helps the BMUs achieve an outreach of 15.9 metres, in combination with the functionality of jib luffing and a turning head. The access challenge presented by the recessed surfaces was solved utilising the special restraint systems developed by CoxGomyl which allow for increased manipulation of the cradle allowing it to be pulled in towards the facade and safely access negatively sloped features.

The technical capabilities and expertise of the CoxGomyl team allowed them to deliver Building Maintenance Units for comprehensive facade coverage while remaining competitively priced. The complete access solution also provided the highest standards of service and communication throughout the process.

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