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CoxGomyl is renowned for its innovative facade access solutions developed for many of the world’s tallest buildings. Our extensive range of products and custom systems have ensured the ongoing optimal maintenance of the facades of these well-known tall buildings of the world. This article delves into our most notable achievements throughout the years, showcasing a selection of CoxGomyl projects featured in the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s (CTBUH) esteemed book, “The World’s 118 Tallest Buildings.”

Burj Khalifa
One of our early and noteworthy projects is the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands tall at an impressive height of 828 metres. This ground-breaking project was successfully concluded in 2010, boasting 163 above-ground floors.

Due to the distinctive tri-petal footprint and absence of roof or terrace space, a traditional building maintenance solution was not feasible. CoxGomyl rose to the challenge and devised 18 customised building maintenance units to achieve full facade access for the 162-floor building.

International Commerce Centre
The International Commerce Centre, located in Hong Kong, was constructed in 2010 and was the 4th tallest building globally upon its completion. Soaring a height of 484 metres, it features 108 floors above ground, with the highest occupied floor at 469 metres. CoxGomyl designed ten BMUs, offering integrated access solutions for the building facades and the specially designed ‘dragon tail’ – an extended, sloping facade section rising from the ground towards the building. Among these, four BMUs were installed in a closed-loop, twin-track system on the rooftop, providing access to the orthogonal facades from top to ground level. Each BMU features a three-stage telescopic jib with an impressive maximum outreach of 19.4m.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre
Another notable project is the CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou, China. Reaching a towering height of 530 metres, this project was completed in 2016. With an impressive 111 floors above ground, it secured the position of the 5th tallest building globally at that time. Our contribution to this structure involved providing a BMU with a glass-handling hoist of 700kg capacity, twice the typical requirement, as per the architect’s specification for the BMU to facilitate the glass replacement process. Additionally, one of the three systems was equipped with an articulated cherry-picker extension, providing personnel access to the helipad on the skyscraper’s roof and conventional facade access.

Shanghai World Finance Centre
Next, we have the Shanghai World Financial Centre, located in the Pudong district of Shanghai. Upon its completion in 2008, the Shanghai World Financial Centre stood as the tallest skyscraper in China, boasting the world’s tallest observation deck at 474 metres.

CoxGomyl designed an integrated access solution with 20 BMU systems, allowing a twice-monthly cleaning cycle for the observation deck, hotel, and offices. The systems were installed at various levels within the building and outside terraces at level 96 and the centre spine at the roof level. Different jib designs, such as fixed-length and multistage knuckle jibs, allowed the cradle to launch through narrow openings and reach challenging positions on the building’s facade.

CoxGomyl is the chosen facade access maintenance provider of many of the world’s most recognisable and architecturally significant buildings. Contact us to learn more.

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