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Rising to the challenge, CoxGomyl are present around the world to provide a range of building maintenance systems built on innovative technology to architects, consultants, developers, constructors and building owners. With a portfolio of more than 5000 installed projects, and 60 years of experience, CoxGomyl understand the importance of providing a seamless project management experience to owners of facade access systems throughout the entire purchasing process.

CoxGomyl offers a full-service approach towards the delivery of facade access systems. Starting from system design by the design engineers, through to delivery, installation, training and maintenance, each member of the project team works to ensure that the solution delivered is to the best possible standard.

At the start of the partnership, CoxGomyl will appoint a technical representative and project manager to guide the customer through the journey from pre-delivery to installation.

CoxGomyl’s project and sales managers take pride in meeting customers’ expectations, anticipating their needs now and in the future. They are responsible for producing an estimate for the best solution, considering specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positions, track connections, and ancillary products.  After project confirmation, they will finalise the specifics, including schedules, approved drawings, manufacturing, testing, delivery, and installation.

This higher level of involvement of the CoxGomyl project management team throughout the entire process assists in achieving the most cost-effective outcome as the incidence of building modifications or rework in the latter stages of construction is reduced. Similarly, the project manager will ensure that the solution meets local industry standards and complies with health and safety requirements from the beginning.

The installation of replacement building maintenance units for the Rockefeller Center in New York exemplifies such project management expertise. CoxGomyl, alongside Alimak Service, managed the transfer of the equipment to the site, unloading and lifting into position with an expert project manager supervising the team from start to finish. The delivery and installion were complete in three weeks, a turnaround made possible by the CoxGomyl team’s early involvement in the design process, which removed the requirement for rework in the later stages of construction.

Similarly, the landmark Marina One project in Singapore was awarded to CoxGomyl thanks to the local architects having successfully worked with the brand on previous projects. Due to having particularly in-depth in their requirements for the building maintenance system, they were confident in CoxGomyl’s ability to communicate effectively through the development of a trusting relationship with the project management team.

Contact CoxGomyl’s knowledgeable team for more information on our tailored facade access solutions.

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