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Throughout a proud history spanning over 60 years, CoxGomyl has earned a reputation for innovation in the facade access industry and provided building maintenance systems for some of the world’s most unique and innovative building structures. As architectural ventures in the Middle East become increasingly ambitious, CoxGomyl continually overcome challenges presented by height and architectural form to provide reliable and safe facade access.

Burj Khalifa

Standing at an impressive 828 metres, the Burj Khalifa has held the title of the world’s tallest building since its completion in 2010. Incorporated throughout the building, the tri-petal flower shape of the structure (reminiscent of traditional Islamic patterns), alongside a towering antenna at the top of the skyscraper required a building maintenance system capable of operating efficiently despite a lack of roof or terrace space. CoxGomyl devised a system of 18 wall-mounted building maintenance units (BMUs) strategically located at various levels of the structure to maintain the entire façade of the 162-storey building and keep it pristine for decades to come.

Skyview Tower

Skyview Tower is an outstanding new addition to Dubai’s ultramodern topography. Consisting of two towers linked by a 3 storey skybridge, the Skyview presented considerable façade access challenges. CoxGomyl deployed a total of 7 building maintenance units including two heavy-lifting units (capable of lifting 7.5 tonnes each) to assist in the construction of the unique Skyslide positioned on the roof of the building. Each of the seven building maintenance units is equipped with a 2-metre cradle and telescoping cradle to create practical access to the recesses of the building and the underside of the skybridge.

Aldar HQ

The unique disc-shaped structure of Aldar Headquarters in Abu Dhabi required a building maintenance system that was able to easily navigate the curves, and steep climbs necessary for 100% façade coverage. CoxGomyl devised a self-levelling, twin-jib building maintenance unit capable of traversing the building using a circular track. Watch the building maintenance system in action here!

Al Wasl Plaza Trellis

Designed as a focal point for the Expo 2020 in Dubai, it was important that CoxGomyl provided an access solution capable of keeping the unique dome structure of Al Wasl Plaza Trellis pristine. An innovative curving track and large traversing gantry system with a 78 and 69-metre reach respectively facilitates complete façade coverage for the dome. This is amongst the largest gantry system supplied in the world.

Abu Dhabi Airport

Building height is not the only challenging factor when devising a building maintenance system. The sheer size of Abu Dhabi airport at 700,000 m² required almost 20 kilometres of track extending across the horizontal, sloped and curved areas of the roof for 100% façade coverage. CoxGomyl provided a fleet of 18 BMUs from their ready to configure range to navigate the uneven geography of the roof and facilitate consistently efficient cleaning operations.

Jumeirah Gate

Commissioned as a joint venture between façade access industry-leaders CoxGomyl and Manntech, it was imperative that the building maintenance system for the Jumeirah Gate possessed the manoeuvrability and reach to access the entirety of the twin-tower design. Together, CoxGomyl and Manntech devised a system of four building maintenance units to navigate across the length of the 301-metre structure and the skybridge connecting the twin-towers. It was important there was minimal impact on the aesthetic of the airport thanks to parking garages located on various upper levels of the building.

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