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CoxGomyl preserving the world’s tallest building – The Burj Khalifa

Supertall building, Burj Khalifa, stands at an impressive 828 metres. CoxGomyl rose to the challenge and developed 18 bespoke machines to achieve full facade access to the 162 floor building.

The design and engineering of supertall buildings has been redefined by the Burj Khalifa. By combining cultural influence and cutting-edge technologies, the building serves as a global icon that is a model for future urban centres and lends itself to the global movement towards compact, liveable urban areas.

The building was designed to withstand Dubai’s extreme temperatures during summer months, with the exterior cladding comprising aluminium, textured stainless steel spandrel panels and uses low-E glass providing enhanced thermal insulation.

Given the unique tri-petal footprint and lack of roof or terrace space, a conventional Building Maintenance Solution was not viable. CoxGomyl rose to the challenge and developed 18 bespoke machines to achieve full facade access.

The solution consists of three wall-mounted machines located at levels 40, 73 and 109 (nine in total). Longer telescopic boom machines located at tier 19, 20 and 21 to access the mid-levels of the building between 109 and tier 21. The tower space above tier 21 is maintained by a series of six smaller machines located from tier 22 through to tier 27.

The world’s tallest building will continue looking immaculate for its lifetime due to CoxGomyl’s innovative facade access systems.

We recently filmed an exciting new showcase video showing these systems in action, check it out here.

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