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With 75 floors, the Landmark Pinnacle boasts the highest homes in Europe as the tallest residential tower in Western Europe. No other home in Europe currently has as many uninterrupted views westward down the River Thames across the entire city, and eastward over the docks to the Thames Barrier and beyond.

In-line with working as ‘One Company’ as part of Alimak Group’s values, CoxGomyl and Alimak have undertaken the maintenance of the building’s façade as their first combined project, with completion due to be in 2020. This is one of five projects started and was won by building the Group’s pre-existing relationship with the Landmark Pinnacle’s developer; Chelgrove Development.

As a leading provider of façade access solutions, CoxGomyl has been awarded the contract to provide two building maintenance units to be secured to the roof of the Landmark Pinnacle. The building maintenance units will be configured to order and mounted on a central track on the roof. The construction hoists have been installed since the project’s commencement in 2017, with further building maintenance systems to be installed later in 2019.

CoxGomyl’s ‘Configure to Order’ range of façade access products are designed to be used on buildings of uniform height and moderate complexity. In order to develop concepts using these series of building maintenance units, CoxGomyl’s designers draw from a collection of standard features and options. This achieves a solution that is perfectly tailored to the architectural and functional requirements of the building.

The range of products is divided into three main groups, based on machine outreach, operational options, and movements. All systems supplied throughout the project by CoxGomyl will be serviced by Alimak Service, as part of Alimak Group.

As a result, the benefits of this joint project include engineer cross-training as part of the project’s integration. Furthermore, this combined effort introduces CoxGomyl to a broadened product portfolio, greater supply chain efficiencies, and resource and development opportunities that create a stronger, unrivalled capability with 100 distribution points and 2,400 employees worldwide.

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