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As a leading name in facade access solutions, CoxGomyl’s high-quality facade access systems are renowned the world over for practicality and adaptability and have been proven to overcome a wide range of building access challenges. By utilising standardised parts and components in intelligent yet practical combinations and drawing on a range of access strategies, CoxGomyl’s expert design and engineering teams are able to deliver superior performance and functionality for economical access solutions. This includes meeting the particular access challenges that arise from architectural features such as atriums, skybridges and sky gardens where standard facade access systems are not sufficient.

80 Fenchurch Street in London is famous for its central atrium which interweaves throughout the structure. The building is further enhanced by six terraces sited at various levels. CoxGomyl was entrusted with providing a facade access solution capable of reaching a number of challenging areas on the interior and exterior surfaces. A predetermined parking area on the roof dictated the site of the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) and the comprehensive building access system utilises a telescoping jib for an outreach of up to 41 metres. This is complemented by a soft rope system to navigate the terraces and a travelling beam gantry system for access to the interior of the atrium.

The ‘Walkie Talkie’, also known as 20 Fenchurch Street, is one of the most iconic features of the London skyline. Beyond the distinctive curving, top heavy form that gave rise to its nickname, the tower also features a public sky garden spanning the top three stories with landscaped gardens, an open air terrace, function spaces and restaurants. Among the array of building access systems CoxGomyl developed for this unique project, the building maintenance units at roof level feature a special selective pivoting variable leveling BMU platform allowing them to travel on curved surfaces and park out of sight. The sky garden areas are also served by a hydraulically powered elevating ladder and two smaller BMUs.

The Address Residence Skyview in Dubai also called for a comprehensive facade access solution to meet several specific challenges. Among the unusual features of the building are a skybridge linking the two tower structures and a unique ‘skywalk’ attraction which offers visitors the opportunity to use a harness to traverse the outside of the skyscraper at level 53 before sliding down from there to an observation deck below. Alongside a wide range of highly functioning access equipment including seven BMUs to service the 264- and 235-metre-tall towers, complete access for the skybridge and skywalk is provided by monorail systems with manual trollies in addition to an aerial work platform at ground level for roof and canopy areas.

Across a broad portfolio of successful installations, CoxGomyl’s product range and design expertise has delivered practical facade access solutions for all types of challenging building features.

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