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For some years the UAE has been at the forefront of modern architecture and construction of ever more imaginative and complex buildings. CoxGomyl have been at the centre of developments in this exciting part of the world and not least in the four projects covered here.

Aldar Headquarters

This breath-taking building is the first circular disc-shaped construction in the Middle East, based on the mathematical concept of the ‘golden ratio’, which makes it so attractive to the eye and earned ‘Best Futuristic Design 2008’ from the Building Exchange Conference.

This unique concept means the access solutions need to match the vision, expertise and inventiveness of the architects. CoxGomyl have delivered on this with a bespoke BMU system unlike anything else in the world.

The machine travels on a circular track and is engineered to self-level as it moves around the curve of the building. The machine itself is designed with twin jibs so two cradles can access both sides of the disc simultaneously, while the central cradle cleans the smaller side elevation.


The 29 floors of this residence tower reach over 126 metres above Abu Dhabi.

With a large overhanging soffit, our access solutions had to work in harmony with the design. This has been achieved with two fixed BMUs each covering half on the building. To provide access to the facade under the soffit, the machines boast a three stage telescopic arm with a reach of 25.5 metres. From there, an approaching system with a forward luff cradle allows the unit to move forward into the recessed facade by using a counterbalance action.

Hilal Bank Tower

Another imaginative and unusual architectural achievement, the headquarters of this progressive Islamic bank features stacked cubes, slightly offset from each other, and needed a customised access solution to match.

A ‘crane type’ BMU runs on tracks at roof level and is capable of lifting the cradle over the surrounding wall with an outreach of 9 metres. The real star is the large ‘Self Approaching Mechanism’ (or SAM) cradle which can move forward to access all areas of the offset cube facade. The comprehensive system is completed by a material hoist on the cradle itself and a gantry at a lower level.

Silverene Towers, Dubai Marina

These two matching residential towers are an iconic landmark in the vibrant mix of business, retail and entertainment in Dubai Marina due to their unique design. They offer residents stunning vistas over the marina – but only if the right systems are in place for maintenance.

Each tower is equipped with our F-Type ‘crane’ BMU at roof level, both with the addition of material hoists.

Stay tuned for the soon to be released video of our flagship project on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

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