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CoxGomyl’s 5000 Series range of Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) utilises a broad portfolio of features and additional options built around tried and tested standardised components. This allows for a building access system to be tailored to the specific needs of the building’s architecture and functionality, which go beyond the capabilities of more basic BMU designs used for buildings of uniform height. The CoxGomyl design team routinely draw on the 5000 Series range to deliver premium building maintenance systems for buildings up to 450 or 500 metres in height.

Where the building parameters require a relatively short outreach of up to eight metres, the E-Type provides an economical option combined with highly engineered yet standardised components with excellence in design. Three main groupings are included in the E-Type range with variations such as single or twin jib designs, machine weight and operating space to suit an array of building access needs on structures up to 450 metres in height.

The F-Type BMU range offers even greater flexibility in terms of functionality for projects where the outreach or weight capacity exceed what is achievable with the above type. Commonly referred to as a ‘crane type’ design, the F-Type encompasses two main sub-groups.

The F1 design features a frame housing the hoist as part of the main structure making it suitable for placements where space for a counterweight at the back is an issue. The outreach achievable is generally in the range of five to 15 metres with telescopic jib functionality available where required. It is suitable for building heights up to 450 metres.

The F2, meanwhile, utilises a mast and jib design to achieve an outreach of up to 25 metres with options for telescopic and luffing jibs. High mast options also allow for lifting the cradle over challenging building features and functionality including telescopic and pantograph masts. Available as a fixed position or travelling machine, this design is also suitable for climbing sloping roof surfaces.

Finally, G-Type BMUs shares many features with the F-Type range but allow for the expanded functionality required for particularly complex structures. Similar jib and mast options are available for telescoping and pantograph functionality, while increased outreach of between 25 and 50 metres is also possible. G-Type BMUs can also be deployed where climbing options for pitched surfaces are a key consideration and where there are requirements for particular cradle sizes and approaching mechanisms (including soft rope solutions for horizontal cradle movement and ‘pull in’ mechanisms for recessed areas), delivering practical access to complex facade areas which present particular challenges.

Across the 5000 Series, a wide range of options are available to meet the individual requirements of each project. This includes a variety of mounting options and track types as well as parking systems including mast lowering for a more compact profile, garages, pits and lifting tables. A wide range of cradle sizes and types are also available to meet the needs of the project along with options for fixed and adjustable rollers and buffers to protect the facing surface during BMU operation.

Visit the 5000 Series page for more information and contact us to discuss how the extensive range of products from CoxGomyl can meet your building access requirements.

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