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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions.  With over 60 years of experience, CoxGomyl offers the most comprehensive range of configurable building maintenance units based on innovative, proven technologies that deliver exceptional performance.

It all starts with design at CoxGomyl. CoxGomyl’s design engineers have a wealth of experience developing functional, cost-effective access solutions for even the most complex facade access challenges. The design engineers collaborate with architects, consultants, builders, and developers to create an integrated solution that provides the desired access while seamlessly blending into the building aesthetic.

Several factors are considered by design engineers throughout the design process in order to deliver the optimal solution.

The structure of the building
The first critical step for design engineers is to evaluate the structure itself. The engineers will consider the height of the structure as well as the number and shape of facades to determine which CoxGomyl product range is best suited. A low-complexity building, for example, may be best suited to a 1000 or 3000 series product. Similarly, the design engineer will consider whether the building has specific architectural features, such as atriums, which are often best matched with a gantry facade access solution.

Materials for facades and cleaning cycles
Facades can be made of a variety of materials, including concrete, metal, brick, glass, stone, or terracotta. The material’s type and frequency of cleaning will be considered by our design engineers. For example, brick and terracotta will most likely require less frequent cleaning with acid-based cleaners than glass, which will require regular pressure washing with water.

Facade access system concealment
CoxGomyl understands that concealing facade access systems is critical to preserving the architectural design of the structure. Throughout the design process, the engineers will compare and select the best product for each building’s needs using tools like the Facade Access BIM Gallery. This tool aids in simulating the use of our products throughout the project by providing an early visual representation of the machine.

Building loads and access to the roof
Engineers must carefully consider the load limits of the building when designing facade access systems.  Similarly, during this phase, attention will be paid to the installation method to determine the best strategy and ensure that the system is built appropriately, such as in parts to travel through elevators or via crane.

Learn more about the design considerations made by CoxGomyl engineers, or get in touch for more information on the range of facade access solutions available.

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