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Al Hilal Bank is a progressive Islamic bank headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It is an architectural accomplishment quite different from other buildings in Abu Dhabi. CoxGomyl provided a customised Facade Access solution which consists of a building maintenance unit on tracks on top of the roof, with a large SAM cradle with material hoist attached to the cradle and a gantry on a lower level.

The tower’s composition features stacked cube like boxes that are slightly offset from each other. Designed to set the building apart from other towers on the Island while also providing efficient, column-free interior floor plates.

The building incorporates a glass and steel curtain wall system, which lends itself to a sleek modern feel. Each facade includes exterior glass fins that provides texture. The fritted glass helps enhance the energy efficiency of the building by shading it from intense daylight while providing filtered light to the interior spaces.

The bank is known for pioneering gimmicks such as the ‘Qibla Card’ the World’s first Credit Card with a digital compass that directs towards the Qibla, the ‘Laha Al Hilal’ credit card, the UAE’s first scented credit card, with the facility to become scented with any perfume of your choice, ‘Egrab’, the World’s First 100% electric mobile branch and the ‘Money Station’, the region’s first drive-thru branch.

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