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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions. Present around the world with over 60 years of experience CoxGomyl has the widest range of building maintenance units (BMU’s) built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance.

Among the numerous successful installations in CoxGomyl’s extensive portfolio, many of the world’s most celebrated new constructions rely on CoxGomyl facade access solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of their iconic structures. This has been recognised by prominent industry bodies including the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) who have showered prestigious awards on to buildings which CoxGomyl have been involved with.

2020 CTBUH Awards

Award of Excellence: Comcast Technology Center
Best Tall Building 300-399 meters

This supertall, 341-metre tall skyscraper by architects Foster and Partners is the tallest in the U.S. outside of New York and Chicago. Its complex, slender and vertically stepped form required the experience and expertise of the CoxGomyl team to deliver a comprehensive facade access solution across the mixed-use sections.

Award of Excellence: 53 West 53
Best Tall Building 300-399 meters

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel was the visionary mind behind this celebrated New York skyscraper. With multiple angled facade surfaces and a distinctive exposed structure, the building is serviced by two CoxGomyl building maintenance units (BMUs) which deliver complete coverage while also retracting behind closed doors for parking out of sight when not in use.

Award of Excellence: CITIC Tower
Best Tall Building 400 meters and above

In the uppermost height category, CITIC Tower soars a staggering 528 metres into the Beijing skyline. With a subtle curving facade and a challenging concave form, the landmark building relies on a system of five CoxGomyl BMUs at roof level and a further four at level 73 to ensure coverage of every part of the complex building geography.

Multiple Awards: Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Centre

  • Best Tall Building 400 meters and above 2020 Award of Excellence
  • Construction Award 2020 Award of Excellence
  • Structural Engineering Award 2020 Award of Excellence

This supertall skyscraper took away no fewer than three separate accolades at the 2020 CTBUH Awards. Beyond its scale, the building also features beguiling flowing curves and soft rounded corners as it tapers inwards towards the tip. Five building maintenance units are all equipped with five or four-stage telescoping jibs to navigate the complex form while also offering a compact parked position.


2019 CTBUH Awards

Construction Award 2019 Award of Excellence: The Hanking Centre

A construction award went to this two-tower development which features two distinct structures which would be incapable of standing alone. Connected by skybridges and braces, however, the two slender towers reach up to 350 metres in height as the world’s tallest detached core structure. The building access system effectively services both towers and the highly complex series of bridges and linking structures between them.


2015 CTBUH Awards

Innovation Award 2015 Award of Excellence: Burj Khalifa

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the tallest building in the world earnt an Innovation Award at the 2015 CTBUH ceremony. Looking beyond the 828-metre scale of the building though, it is also notable for its uniquely elegant petal-shaped footprint and its synthesis of traditional designs into a modern architectural marvel. Taking great pride in being entrusted with this project, the CoxGomyl team developed 18 tailored building maintenance units including nine wall-mounted BMUs which retract within the building.

For all types of buildings all over the world, CoxGomyl facade access systems are tried and tested for reliable building maintenance whatever the needs of the project. Get in touch to learn more about our highly flexible product range.

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