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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions. With over 60 years of experience in the industry and a broad portfolio of successfully installed building access systems, CoxGomyl offers the widest range of configurable options for building maintenance systems to meet the needs of most tall buildings. The build quality and engineering expertise behind every CoxGomyl Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is trusted the world over for its innovative and proven technology. To maximise value, a highly flexible range of standardised products are available which can be combined and adapted as the parameters of the project require.

The range of products in the 1000 Series are split into 2 main groups. Firstly, traversing Building Maintenance Units with either drum hoist technology or a suspended Self Powered Platform, and secondly the non BMU products, which encompass Monorails, Davits, Gantries and standalone self powered platforms. The 3000 and 5000 Series range include configured to order options for fixed in place and track-based BMUs all with drum hoist technology. The majority of product production takes place in CoxGomyl’s own state of the art European manufacturing facilities, ensuring consistent quality control and avoiding the additional cost of numerous third-party suppliers.

Selecting a configurable facade access system built on proven technology, achieves an economical choice by utilising intelligent combinations of existing sub-assemblies and a wide range of possible adjustments to address the needs of the individual project.

Where space and visual impact are key considerations for instance, an inobtrusive Building Maintenance Unit can be produced with a parked profile as low as 1.1 metres, based on either a track or trackless system.

Where greater reach is required, other options include standard sub-assemblies and various BMU types of the 5000 Series range of products which provide outreach between 5 and 50 metres with static or telescoping jibs. While some standard BMUs are designed to be paired with a specific cradle, many of CoxGomyl’s configurable options are available with a range of cradles varying in size from 1.5 metres to 15 metres in length, with wider designs and approaching systems also available to access hard to reach facade recesses.

Products from CoxGomyl can be easily configured to successfully maintain tall building facades. Drawing from a range of proven facade access systems, the use of modular sub-assemblies and components also minimises unnecessary costs and allows for prompt delivery times.

Where a building access project presents greater complexity that goes beyond the standard range, CoxGomyl is also ideally placed to supply configured and engineered to order facade access systems via Manntech. Both brands are part of Alimak Group, the world leaders in vertical access solutions.

Get in touch with the CoxGomyl team for more information or assistance with product selection for your facade access needs.

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