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Many facade access solution providers will be happy to offer you ‘off the peg’ machines. CoxGomyl are one of the few providers in the world who offer a comprehensive, end to end solution and have the staff and experience to provide design and engineering solutions, manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance. One provider, over the whole project and beyond, means an experience that is less complicated and stressful, more controlled and streamlined.

Project Management

We value our relationships from the beginning so a technical representative and project manager will be engaged to guide you during each step the project and make sure the facade access solution meets your requirements. In the process of developing an estimate and tender for the most practical, cost-effective solution they will work with you on specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positioning, track connections, and ancillary products.

Your project engineer will have the expertise to help you tackle design and calculations, plan integration with the structure and comply with health and safety requirements

Drawing on the expertise of CoxGomyl’s experienced design team early in the planning stages allows you to achieve the most efficient and economical facade access solution possible.


CoxGomyl benefits from employing the largest team of BMU design engineers in the industry, with vast experience of developing safe, reliable, cost-effective facade access solutions for all types of buildings from standard forms and shapes to more complex architecture. The design team work closely with architects, consultants, builders and developers, to develop a practical, high quality solution that provides reliable access and the required cleaning cycles delivers the desired access and cleaning cycles, whilst remaining sympathetic to the building design.

Depending on the needs of the specific project, this process often involves careful consideration of factors including of building height, the shapes and material of all facade surfaces, any challenges presented by slopes or angles, navigating atriums and balconies, zonal cleaning cycles, building loads, roof access and whether BMUs needs to be concealed when not in use of the BMUs. Throughout every project and beyond, safety during operation and cleaning productivity are vital considerations.


For the particularly complex projects  CoxGomyl is able to utilise our state of the art 3D design software. This allows clear visualisation of the final outcome by integrating concepts into your building interface model. The software is can help identify any issues with integration early in the process and provide modelling of all surface area access. With decades of experience in the industry and a vast portfolio we can usually provide previous examples of similar solutions or videos for you or your stakeholders in order to demonstrate how the solution would work in an instantly relatable way.


Our modern European manufacturing facility is ready to begin production of your facade access solution once the design meets your needs, specifications and budget.


Your project manager will assist with preparations for smooth delivery and installation, including crane services, traffic management and liaising with site management, along with making preparations for track work, machine locations and any garages. This attention to detail in planning is geared to achieving efficient, timely delivery and deployment with the necessary people on site at the right time.

Our team of installers are specialists fully trained in CoxGomyl processes and methods, in addition to the safety program for each specific site. We will deliver regular progress reports throughout, ensuring all our machines go through full testing prior to handover and operator training.


At CoxGomyl, we can provide a full range of maintenance services for the BMUs in all of our facade access solutions, to protect your investment in exterior care, for the life of your building.

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