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When a building maintenance system is only an afterthought to design and building development, there are missed opportunities for truly integrated, intelligent maintenance systems. If the system is included as an integral consideration of the building at design phase and the architectural plans, it’s possible to include a maintenance system that is more practical, easier to use and tailored to the structural, aesthetic and usage demands of the building. These are just some of the ways our range of products, options and bespoke designs can be delivered by a building maintenance system that works in harmony with the structure.

Concealed maintenance units

CoxGomyl engineers can, for instance, work with the architects early in the process to feature the maintenance units as part of the structure itself. Alternatively, the unit can be concealed by driving it into a garage with closing doors. This might be on a roof, or if the building has no roof, into the side of the building itself.

Limited roof space

Due to the design of the building, the track placement options available or the structural support required, the unit might need to be located some distance from the façade. This can often be solved by providing a telescoping jib of up to 50 metres in length, which also provides a smaller, discreet footprint when the unit is parked.

Curved buildings

Some buildings have little or no roof access, combined with curved façade surfaces. In this instance, the BMU can be designed to leave the building and travel horizontally across the curvature, before returning for internal parking.

Climbing difficult surfaces and slopes

CoxGomyl has developed systems that enable our machines to climb surfaces and uneven pitches with inbuilt self-levelling mechanisms. This means we can minimise the units required by increasing the mobility of the rig.

Navigating difficult or tight spaces

Utilising smart-logic controllers, CoxGomyl designers are able to program launch sequences so that machines automatically navigate their way out of tight conditions. This reduces cycle times, and minimizes the risk of collision.

Manoeuvring through difficult angles

Working around deep building recesses, shelves and massive overhangs presents a unique set of maintenance issues. CoxGomyl can meet these challenges with innovative tailored solutions. Upside-mounted BMUs can be suspended from tracks in the soffits or an articulated jib can be launched from the rooftop and make its way underneath the arch. The cradles can also be designed to move in three dimensions; horizontally, and forward into building recesses, which allows access to almost any surface.

Mega-tall buildings

No challenge is too big for our team and we have extensive experience in developing building maintenance systems for some of the world’s most celebrated super- and mega-tall buildings. Among the factors we consider are the design of the roof, cleaning cycle, building footprint, glass replacement strategies and emergency retrieval plans. This involves working with the characteristics of the structure and the client’s needs to deliver the best, most comprehensive system.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, our team have a solution for any project size or budget.

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