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CoxGomyl go beyond most of our competitors in offering a complete range of services to cover your building access solution; from individually tailored design, engineering and manufacturing to project management, installation and training – but our relationship with our customers doesn’t end there.

We pride ourselves on providing the means to keep your exteriors pristine for the lifetime of your building, so you can give your clients and tenants the clear views and efficient building upkeep they demand. Through our partnership with Alimak Service, we can recommend from a range of maintenance packages to provide peace of mind in knowing your BMUs continue performing optimally and protect your investment in an immaculate, well-functioning building in the long term.

As a full service building access solutions manufacturer, we extend our expertise to the ongoing maintenance and repair of our machines. By factoring in the maintenance of your building maintenance units, you can ensure minimal downtime when it comes to cleaning, glass replacement or repair work.

As a leader in the industry it makes sense to trust CoxGomyl with the service requirements and upgrade of maintenance equipment. We offer three flexible service options to suit your specific needs.


BMU Maintenance Services

CoxGomyl designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of building access solutions for hundreds of buildings worldwide.

This knowledge and experience allows us to offer flexible service packages that meet varying needs of scope, schedule and finances.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance

Our Comprehensive Maintenance package is designed to preserve the machinery’s condition throughout its life cycle of service. The comprehensive package covers the machinery for servicing, breakdown, as well as some repairs that arise from normal working conditions. This gives you the confidence to budget for machinery maintenance, as well as a scheduled management of the equipment.

  • Standard Maintenance Agreement

A preventative maintenance program allows us to protect machinery from unnecessary wear, damage or malfunction with regular maintenance.

  • Impromptu Service

Our Impromptu Service package provides on request specific one-off inspections reports on machine condition plus, where requested servicing and repairs. Typically, this service is suitable for machinery outside of our own range, where machines may be disruptive and require specialised, short-term services.

Repairs and Remanufacturing

We’ve been in the industry for over 50 years and have kept detailed records of almost all of the machines we’ve designed, built and installed. This means we can use this information to develop solutions for worn or damaged machinery components which need to be replaced or remanufactured.

Beyond our own products, it is not unusual for our mechanical, electrical and structural design teams to step in to find a solution to damaged equipment that was produced by now defunct manufacturers.

Modernisation Programmes

For older buildings, CoxGomyl can suggest the latest innovations to upgrade your building access solutions where existing machinery has become outdated. By assessing what your current access needs and desires are, along with studying the condition and functionality of the existing equipment, our team can suggest a range of alternatives that include modernisation or total replacement.

CoxGomyl have been a leader in the access industry for over 50 years, offering the experience and expertise to arrange for repair, service and upgrade of equipment both within and outside of our extensive portfolio.

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