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Every building will require regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs over its lifetime – both inside and outside. For multi-story buildings, the challenge is how these essential tasks can be completed efficiently, effectively and with minimum disruption. Meeting this challenge means making the right choice of Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) for your particular structure. How can you find a solution that will provide cost-effective, practical, reliable and, above all, safe access to the building facade when you need it?

There are a wide range of options in the market to service everything from traditional, rectangular structures to the most imaginative, modern architectural innovations. Increasingly, beautiful glass curves, elegant steel spires and vertical vegetation all improve our living and working environments. The qualities and complexity of your building will dictate which maintenance options are right for you. From the cradle load capacity to the expected frequency of use and from cleaning flat windows to accessing overhanging surfaces, putting in place practical systems for exterior building maintenance has become a varied and complex undertaking. CoxGomyl have the specialist, expert know-how required to match the imagination and technical advances in building and architecture.

It’s important to think of BMUs as part of a ‘big picture’ investment in your building and choose the most appropriate, high-quality products that will meet your building maintenance needs for years to come. The cheapest option in the short term may only cause issues with sub-standard upkeep, unhappy tenants and the financial expense and stress of grasping for ‘work-around’ maintenance which doesn’t really provide satisfactory results – or might even mean replacing a system that isn’t fit for purpose. If, for instance, a cheaper BMU doesn’t provide safe access to every window for efficient cleaning and replacement, the initial saving may prove to be a false economy.

Considerations to keep in mind when choosing a BMU supplier include:

  • Getting the early professional, expert advice that a company like CoxGomyl can provide
  • The work typically carried out on your building and what functionality will be needed for this
  • The complexity of the building design and structure and whether this presents any particular access issues
  • How practical, efficient and easy to use the units are for your circumstances
  • How the units will integrate into your building, both practically and aesthetically
  • How the units will ensure safety for users and those around them – the number one priority

You can be confident you’re making the right choices for your needs when you work with our experienced engineers, designers and sales teams. We have provided unique, bespoke systems for some of the tallest and most complex structures in the world, can draw from a range of standard features and options to tailor BMUs for buildings of moderate complexity or, for buildings of low complexity, we can offer a collection of standard options to meet your needs as economically as possible.

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