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Moscow’s Federation Tower stretches to a staggering 373 metres into the city skyline, with two towers of varying height rising up from a shared podium. The complimentary towers mirror each other in shape to create two forms back to back, both broadly triangular but softly rounded as they narrow towards the higher levels. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘twin sail’ design. The gently sloping lines of the building aesthetic, in addition to the smooth appearance of the hanging glass curtain wall facade, demanded a building access solution which could avoid any negative visual impact on the building and would be less visible than many more standard access systems. CoxGomyl were also tasked with developing a solution capable of providing complete coverage of the entire building envelope for both cleaning and maintenance tasks, the main Building Maintenance Units are designed to achieve a compact profile when not in use in order to fi t in a designated parking area.

CoxGomyl rose to these varied challenges with a comprehensive building access system comprising three BMUs. Two larger Building Maintenance Units are located in fixed positions on the roof. An impressive range of functionality and flexibility is provided by telescopic masts and three telescopic jibs along with a safe working load of 300kg and an auxiliary hoist providing a 900kg capacity. In addition, both BMUs meet the client’s requirements of being able to achieve complete access around the entire building without the counterweights coming into contact with the roof surface.

Finally a monorail system is concealed in the soffit to provide a comprehensive but visually discreet facade access solution which will effectively preserve the building exterior without interfering with lines and form of the architects’ aesthetic vision.

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