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Federation Tower consists of two towers built on one podium, with the iconic twin sails design. One of the most important elements of the Federation Tower access solution was the need to minimize the visual impact of the systems and to preserve the exterior lines of the building.

Tower West has a total of 6 systems, and Tower East has 3. These systems include a monorail concealed in the lower level soffit, a compact machine enclosed in the middle level, a separate system on each of the 3 faces of the tower cap as well as a machine which accesses the sloping roof.

In an effort to reduce the visual impact of the systems when parked, the cradles for the roof cap systems are lowered onto a launch platform at Level 48 before being disconnected from the hoisting ropes and retracted into the building for storage. All machines supplied for the Federation Tower project have a glass handling facility to assist in panel replacement.

Our portfolio leverages our wealth of experience and expertise in designing building access solutions.

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