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Achieving the right building maintenance solution for your unique project can be a complex process, demanding expertise in design, manufacturing, installation, ongoing maintenance of machines and overall project management.

As one of the few providers in the world who offer a comprehensive, end to end facade access service, CoxGomyl have the experience to offer a tried and tested, seamless process which covers a whole project.

Project Management

From the start of our relationship, a technical representative and project manager will guide you through the process and ensure your needs are met. They will work with you on specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positioning, track connections, and ancillary products in developing an estimate and tender for the optimal solution.


The design stage of the process includes careful consideration of heights of the structures, number and shape of facades, slopes and angles, atriums and balconies, facade materials and surfaces, cleaning cycles by zones, roof access, building loads, operational safety and cleaning productivity. We employ the industry’s largest team of façade access design engineers, practiced in developing safe, functional, cost-effective facade access solutions for the most complex buildings. This ensures that your building access system, whether it is an economical, standard machine or a special bespoke solution, is fit for purpose and meets all of your requirements from day one.


With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have compiled a library of over 5000 reference solutions to call upon. Our state-of-the-art 3D design software allows you to integrate concepts into your building interface model (BIM) and visualise the final result. This stage of the process allows modelling of all surface area access as well as the early identification of any integration issues, preventing costly waste of resources and time. In most cases, we can show you or your stakeholders similar examples of previously installed BMU systems and videos to help demonstrate how the solution would work in practical terms.


Once a final configuration is agreed, CoxGomyl’s own engineering and manufacturing team at our modern European facilities step in. The highly skilled staff at our Meco fabrication facility receive the various pre-cut metal parts for each project and weld them together to form the initial sub-components of the BMUs, including jibs and machine frames. The sub-components are then carefully loaded and transported to Alovera for the next stage in the process, where they are coated, painted, assembled and rigorously tested before being prepared for shipping.


Your project manager will ensure and prepare a smooth delivery process, including crane services, traffic management, liaising with site management and preparation of garages, track work and machine locations. Careful planning will make for an efficient delivery process with the right people on site at the right time. Our specialist team of installers are all trained in CoxGomyl methods and processes, as well as fully inducted in the specific site safety program. Progress reports will be regularly delivered, with all machines fully tested before handover and operator training provided.

Ongoing Maintenance

Any system will require maintenance and the process doesn’t end with installation. We can provide a full range of maintenance services for the BMUs in all of our building access solutions to protect your investment in facade access for the life of your building.

This comprehensive, end to end process cuts out the stresses and problems associated with employing multiple providers and delivers a smoother experience from initial designs to installation and beyond.

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