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CoxGomyl’s worldwide team are dedicated to delivering building access solutions which are reliable in meeting the demands of our clients with prompt delivery times across our economical, modular range. We are able to rely on our highly skilled and motivated team across the globe at every stage in the process, from initial concept to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Project Managers

Once our relationship begins, a dedicated technical representative and a project manager will be on hand to assist you throughout the project and ensure the building access solution meets all of your requirements. They will consider elements such as your budget, specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positioning, track connections, and ancillary products in developing an estimate and tender for the most economical solution possible. Once the project is confirmed they will work diligently to ensure timelines are met and installation can take place promptly.



Working in close collaboration with our clients, CoxGomyl’s design team strive to meet the challenges presented by each individual project and deliver an effective, economical access solution. CoxGomyl employs the industry’s largest team of Building Maintenace Unit (BMU) design engineers who are experts in guiding you through the range of products, options and building access solutions to deliver safe, functional, cost-effective access solutions, both for standard building types and the more complex facade access challenges.

CoxGomyl’s wealth of successfully deployed building access solutions means that, in most instances, the design team are able to demonstrate real world examples of similar systems in use, providing peace of mind for clients and other stakeholders.


Specialist experts take care of manufacturing at two dedicated CoxGomyl production facilities in Spain. Every aspect of production is completed with meticulous accuracy, from welding individual components and producing the telescoping sections for multi-stage jibs to treatment and painting. Once manufacture is complete and before shipping is organised, quality control is ensured by rigorous on-site tests of every fully assembled machine. This level of professionalism provides peace of mind on the safety credentials, quality and performance for all of our products.


Machines are, once again, fully tested in-situ by specialist CoxGomyl installers, all of whom are fully trained in CoxGomyl procedures and processes as well as the safety programmes specific to the site and the broader local environment. Beyond utilising this knowledge and expertise in the course of the installation itself, the CoxGomyl team are also able to pass this on by providing training to operators to ensure optimum performance and efficiency in everyday operation.

Maintenance Engineers

Beyond installation and a successful handover, CoxGomyl’s relationship with our clients continues. Through our partnership with Alimak Service, we are able to offer a range of service and maintenance packages to help protect your long-term investment and ensure that over many years of service your building access solution continues to perform reliably and safely.

From the beginning of the process to installation and beyond, CoxGomyl is able to rely on the excellence of our team across numerous disciplines and areas of expertise, all with the shared goal of providing prompt delivery of practical, reliable, economical and cost-effective facade access solutions that meet each client’s needs.

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