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CoxGomyl employs the industry’s largest team of BMU design engineers who are experts in guiding you through the range of products, options and bespoke solutions to deliver safe, functional, cost-effective access solutions, both for more standard buildings and the most complex facade access challenges.

Collaborating with architects, consultants, builders and developers, the design engineers can develop an integrated solution that delivers the desired access and cleaning cycles.

Early consultation achieves the best possible outcome

When a building maintenance system is only an afterthought to design and building development, there are missed opportunities for truly integrated, intelligent maintenance systems. If the system is included as an integral consideration of the building at design phase and the architectural plans, it’s possible to include a maintenance system that is more practical, easy to use and tailored to the structural, aesthetic and usage demands of the building.

Design tailored to your needs

Any number of suppliers will be happy to offer you ‘off the peg’ Building Maintenance Units which might not adequately serve all of your access needs. The design process at CoxGomyl includes careful consideration of heights of the building structures, number and shape of facades, slopes and angles, atriums and balconies, facade materials and surfaces, cleaning cycles by zones, roof access, building loads, operational safety and cleaning productivity. This all ensures that your facade access system, whether it is an economical, standard machine or a special bespoke solution, is fit for purpose and meets all of your requirements from day one.

Visualising the finished access system

Over the last 50 years, we have compiled a library of over 5000 reference solutions to call upon in the design, manufacture and installation of your unique project. For more complex solutions CoxGomyl’s cutting edge 3D design software allows you to integrate concepts into your building interface model and visualise the outcome. This allows modelling of all surface area access as well as the early identification of any integration issues. In most cases, we can show you or your stakeholders similar examples of previously installed BMU systems and videos to help demonstrate how the solution would work in practical terms.

The CoxGomyl design process is all about working with the characteristics of the structure and the client’s needs to deliver the most suitable system within budget and on-time. You can be confident you’re making the right choices for your needs when you work with our experienced designers. We have provided unique, bespoke systems for some of the tallest and most complex structures in the world, can draw from a range of standard features and options to tailor BMUs for buildings of moderate complexity or, for buildings of low complexity, we can offer a collection of standard options to meet your needs as economically as possible.

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